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TokenTraxx is a music company that develops Web3 strategies and tools to innovate the way we all create, engage and love music.

I got into crypto in 2016, fell for the tech and the opportunities to shake up the system and started thinking about opportunities to merge music and blockchain. 

In late 2020, fuelled by the crippling impact lockdown was having on the music industry I founded TokenTraxx to help music creatives find alternative sources of income

At TokenTraxx we want are revolutionising every aspect of how we create, share and love music using Web3 tech. And when I say everything, I mean everything!

We believe that on chain solves a number of the problems the music industry suffers, everything from initial registration, fingerprinting and watermarking to ensure proper accountability, on chain royalty payments, simplifying licensing for music usage, all the way through to creating a vibrant independent sector where music creatives and their fans can reward engagement though tokenisation and their own Web3 marketplaces.


The most exciting thing for me is the creative opportunities Web3 tech can offer, though generative music and art and AI and this is highlighted in my genesis NFT project - Traxxstemz


TokenTraxx has built a brilliant team, the best of music, blockchain and digital innovation to develop the tech and services to help the music industry embrace these exciting new opportunities.

We have our own TRAXX token which powers our own protocol.


We see TRAXX as the Ethereum of music, a currency that backs this new music business, empowering everyone from small first time indie artist, all the way through to major corporations and media companies, connecting the communities that tie the music industry together.

If you think TokenTraxx is for you apply to join our family

For more info on Web3 check out my handy resource


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